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eshreen.com is a unique online resource, bringing together the world’s best properties and land investments. Whether you are purchasing for practicality or business, your property is an investment and may be the biggest you make in your lifetime. This is why eshreen.com provides all the information you could need to select a property but with the addition of important economic facts helping you to understand the investment potential of your property now and in the future. We also present properties that offer social and economic benefits such as residency, citizenship, and other social and welfare incentives.

Beautiful homes, practical business space, and land, all presented in a clean user friendly style. Advanced search, including country and city plus detailed information listings. Multiple photographs, local and economic information and not forgetting the investment potential, all highlighted.

Our Top 20 section makes it easier to find key information and properties. With Top 20 countries for property investment, Top 20 cities for property investment and Top 20 countries providing residency or citizenship with the purchase of a property in that country.

We provide financial information- return on investment, buy-to-let rates achievable and all the country specific rules on fees and taxes so that you are completely informed before investing. We also bring you up to date on the best places to buy and make money. Our handy Investment Calculator highlights all the possible expenses and makes the evaluation easier.

Our trained agents offer a range of bespoke services including detailed consultations, search and shortlisting of properties. Once you have selected your property our agents can also help to negotiate and broker the best deal for you, purchase on your behalf and visit the individual properties and countries to set up property management, visa, residency or citizenship applications.

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